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The Steenbergen Stipendium is awarded annually, together with the Nederlands Fotomuseum, to a student of one of the five accredited Dutch art academies for the best photographic graduation work.

The work of the nominees is exhibited every year at the Nederlands Fotomuseum, which provides a platform for the photographic heritage of the future.

The winner will receive an incentive prize of 5,000 euros from the Steenbergen Foundation. Occasionally, 2,000 euros is also awarded for an honorable mention.


Image credit: Nixon Mukiza

Munganyende Hélène Christelle

Munganyende is a Kigali born author and art critic. Munganyende teaches Beyoncéology at ArtEZ University of the Arts. She organises womanist interventions centering perfomance, publishing and popular digital culture. Her practice spans multiple years across arts and culture, gaining her recognition from the likes of Prof. Dr. Angela Davis, Prof. Dr. Gloria Wekker and sir Zanele Muholi. She is a recipient of the 2020 UNESCO city of literature award and was portrayed by member of the Dutch Royal Academy of the Arts Iris Kensmil in her series ‘some of my souls’, honouring contemporary black women voices of resistance. Munganyende practices between Dakar, Brussels and Amsterdam. Her favourite pronoun is tantine.

Munganyende’s debut novel is set to be published by Pluim in Amsterdam in 2024.

Juul Hondius


My work centres on the status and impact of media images and the ways in which they enter and determine our collective memory. How images can construct an imago or how they sustain or shape our narratives and worldviews, especially documentary images with a claim to truth. I hope my work makes people wonder about what they see, how they see it and how we are usually conditioned to see within a narrow perspective. My photographic works are fantasies based on facts- but facts made up of complex relations. By doing so I try to analyse the different visual strategies and styles of image-making that frame a subject.

In more recent works, the work itself tries to frame it’s subject in more subjective ways, playing with it’s history and present mediatised status quo.

Image credit: Alba Suze

Alexandre Furtado Melville

Independent writer, art director, artist, sampler, entrepreneur and investor

Alexandre Furtado Melville (1988) is a writer, artist, art director and entrepreneur. His current roles include partner and business director at Concrete Blossom, committee member visual arts for the city of The Hague, creative director and founder of Furtado Melville. In his work, Furtado Melville is driven by the invisible, the unexpected. The economic, social, and political realities play an important part in his practice. Common sense is his philosophy. He is currently working on his first book, an autofiction on Europe through the eyes of the black African migrant.